Now he’s MIA?!?!

I missed most of the show today because of work. I’ll be listening to the replay. If anyone has any news so far, feel free to leave a comment.

========================= UPDATE =============================

Well, I listened to most of the show today and it seems that Artie was out! Two days ago, Artie was wearing sunglasses and falling asleep again at work, yesterday he mysteriously was 10 minutes late to the show after his break, AND TODAY’S HE’S MIA! I missed the beginning of the show; what was the reason?!?!

Artie does’t show signs of using drugs very often so I only assumed I would write about one post each week, but so far this is 3 days in a row. I’m really starting to get suspicious now.

Highplains seems to think this might be Anti-depressant related so I’ll take that into consideration for categorizing today’s post. Any other Thoughts?

Back late from break

After being about 10 minutes late to his seat after break, Artie claimed the people downstairs couldn’t make his bagel with butter in time.  However, he said he gets the same bagel all the time.  How come this time was different?  Artie didn’t offer a good explaination.

If he was just popping some pills, he probably wouldn’t have been late.  Following yesterday’s symptoms, he MAY be back on Heroin and had to wait for people to clear out of the bathroom before he could do his thing.

Welcome to Artie’s On Drugs dot com

Our first day!  Let’s get right into it.

Artie was wearing sunglasses and seemed to be nodding off which Robin noticed.  He also started wheezing or making some kind of strange noise while breathing.  Artie’s excuse is he’s a heavy-set man.  His tiredness leads me believe that this may be some kind of Narcotic.  Since he’s had issues with Heroin in the past, this is my guess.