Artie sleeping

The air horn when Artie was sleeping was amazing. I haven’t seen the video yet tho. Besides Howard TV, anyone know where I can see it???

Speaking of the air horn… Artie was sleeping again! If we take a step back and look at all the time Artie’s been on the show, he’s never fallen asleep until recently. Even though he seems somewhat normal when he speaks, he’s still passing out. He’s probably taking that subutex all the time to get through the show but does the hard shit when he doesn’t have to do the show. However, sometimes I think he might be drug-free. I actually have NO clue anymore! I just can’t tell. It’s as if he’s been hiding it much better.

No show today?!

It’s Tuesday and there’s no show today. Did everyone know about this? Not me. I was looking forward to today’s show because I had to drive from Jersey down to DC starting at 6 this morning.

On another note, not sure who’s heard this yet…

XM and Sirius, the two satellite radio companies that have spent millions of dollars trying to woo pay-for-service customers, yesterday announced plans to merge in hopes of stemming losses and offering an even larger smorgasbord of music, talk and sports.

From the Washington Post

The end of a “tiring” week

This week has been interesting. It seems Artie’s been swinging back and forth between energetic/talkative and passing out tired. Before this week he was less enthusiastic and then “sick.” I’m thinking that he’s on prescription medicine that helps him deal with his Opiate addiction and get back to normal life (hence the enthusiasm) but in turn makes him sleepy. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with admitting to the truth. Artie’s admitted much worse before. I think he really needs to come clean and explain why he was “out sick”, then why he was totally re-energized, and now why he’s falling asleep everyday.

Everyone knows that something’s up so I say GET IT OUT THERE and let the people know!

Wednesday’s show – Arties getting his Zzzzzs

Lately, Arties been falling asleep almost every day. As TheBronxMan noted, “Artie fell asleep today about 3 hours into the show.”

Breaking news at 9:22! Howard busted on Artie for sleeping and said it was “serious!” Artie was sleeping on the couch. What’s going on?! This must be somehow related to drugs he’s taking. They even took a break because of it.

It’s not over till it’s not over. errr… something like that.

As I said in my last post, I was going to stop posting until Artie shows signs of possible drug use again; and I did. But I’m already posting again. As highplains noted, approx. 2hr 33min into Thursday’s show, Artie started to fall asleep! He claims he got tired because he ate too much sugar in the morning and crashed after the sugar wore off. Was he just tired, were his blood-sugar levels low, or was it possibly “something else?” I’m not going to jump to any conclusions as of yet, but I’m going to be on close watch and I’ll be sure to post any findings.

Thursday – Boring (for now)

Without Artie showing any signs of drug use, this site is out of business! I’m going to continue listening to the show and monitoring Artie for any new signs of drug use, but until then I can’t post any signs of drug use. But don’t dispare! Knowing Artie, we’ll have brand-spankin’ new content soon enough.

If ANYONE hears something not right with Artie, let me know ASAP!

Also, keep an eye out for a new site coming out… sure to piss off Howard but I can’t say much more; it’s G14 classified for the time being. I’ll update everyone as soon as I can.


I missed part of the morning but I was informed by JP that Artie may have in fact
fell asleep at work again.

Howard even called him out on it saying, “Hey look! Artie fell asleep!” It took a second or two until Artie popped up and said “I’m not asleep I just closed my eyes for a few seconds”

Anyone that has any additional info about this, please post comments or e-mail me!