Alright, here they are! Compare the old voicemails Artie left when he was detoxing from Heroin with the messages from this week

This week’s voicemail Old Heroin voicemails

Sample clips after analysis

Listen to HOW SIMILAR Artie sounds if you mix the first part of Tuesday from the Heroin withdrawal with the most recent Tuesday!
Clarity filter, level matching, mixing

Here is a tell-tale voice analysis. This tests sincerity in voice samples; the more sincere, the more NORMAL the voice sounds. Listen to the dramatic difference between the beginning of the voicemail and the end!
Bit-level multi-band reverb passes show large gaps in voice sincerity

These results are quite astonishing I must say


10 thoughts on “Audio”

  1. He does not sound to me as though he’s on drugs. The fact that he even implies that theres nothing sinister going on is a dead giveaway that there isnt. If he were on drugs, do you think theyd get a voicemail?

  2. clazrockfan, IMO yes they’d get a voicemail. That’s EXACTLY what he did when he was trying to detox from Heroin, hence the reason to compare the voicemails. Addionally, drug users usually become really good liars.

  3. The voicemail comparisons on Wednesday’s show really changed my mind and I do think Artie is back on something…they are too similar! When you call in sick to work, just say you’re sick, and won’t be in today. The more detail you go into, the more it sounds like BS!!

  4. He’s on the H without a doubt. and Russ is %100 right. All dope fiends are awesome liars. I mean it’s not like he’s going to call in and say, ” Hey Gary, I’m dopesick and i’ll be out a few days”, LOL.. I mean come on!!! but I do love artie and hope he get’s off it.

  5. Artie is on drugs. Watch the Bob Saget episode on Howard TV. I have never seen Artie so doped up in my life. The voicemails match. Everything points to it. He’s such a nice guy nobody want to believe it, but he’s an addict, and that never goes away. Good luck you fat junkie

  6. The problem is that the addicted lie like dogs. Even if Artie is telling the truth, you never can be sure. Having said that, you have to give the benefit of the doubt because it’s all up to him. The only person who can keep Artie clean is Artie.

    My biggest concern is that he insists he can keep drinking and gambling and stay sober. I believe you have to stop the addicting behavior no matter what the drug is because it’s so easy to switch from one obsession to another.

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