In an effort to keep my hero, Artie Lange, safe, ArtiesOnDrugs.com has a mission to track all the occurances in which Artie shows signs of being on drugs. With everyone’s combined efforts, we can make a difference. This “clue database” may help us intervene before things get out of hand once again.

As a first step to accomplish this mission, ArtiesOnDrugs.com founder, Russ, will try to create a post each time Artie seems “out of it.”  The second step in accomplishing this mission is to get valuable feedback from dedicated individuals in order to analyze the clues we find.  Additionally, all visitors are encouraged to notify me at russ@ArtiesOnDrugs.com if I miss a clue.

If anyone has sound clips, videos, or pictures of Artie related to his drug problem, send them to me as well and I’ll try to get them on the website.

The success of this website depends on a collaborative effort from everyone!