Artie sleeping

The air horn when Artie was sleeping was amazing. I haven’t seen the video yet tho. Besides Howard TV, anyone know where I can see it???

Speaking of the air horn… Artie was sleeping again! If we take a step back and look at all the time Artie’s been on the show, he’s never fallen asleep until recently. Even though he seems somewhat normal when he speaks, he’s still passing out. He’s probably taking that subutex all the time to get through the show but does the hard shit when he doesn’t have to do the show. However, sometimes I think he might be drug-free. I actually have NO clue anymore! I just can’t tell. It’s as if he’s been hiding it much better.

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  1. Listen,

    fuck all you Artie on drugs FAGGOTS.

    So fuckin what.. ARTIES ON DRUGSSS.


    Here’s what Artie does.. Subutex all week a potent opiate and a good high, Wednesday Lunch and Thursday Lunch he pounds lines of Heroin in the bathroom, and on the weekend he drinks, chills, snorts, works, parties, and hits work on the Subtex on Monday doing a GREAT JOB entertaining you and I.. GOD BLESS HIM.

    BIG FUCKING DEAL!! .. Arties a grown MAN. Heroin is NOT bad for you, subutex is not bad for you, drinking in decent moderation is no big fucking deal.. Let artie live his LIFE as a fucking adult making his OWN choice, as someone who brings laughter to MILLIONS every fucking day, as someone who is figuring out the mess we call life day to day.. Let the guy breath you shitclowns!! Addiction is a personal choice.. and you know what, detoxing as painful as it is is a man’s journey and who cares.. I’d rather detox off of a 2 year H addiction that go through a 2 week Dr. Ronnie Colonic ass spasm hell. I’d rather detox off of H than spend a 1 year stint in Iraq, I’d rather deal with detoxing than Sal and his fucked up home situation.. Artie is a MAN, doesn’t bring his pain to others ,and does nothing but give to everyone around him.

    And you know what.. people on opiates are funny as hell.. let him put pain aside and live his life the way he wants.. believe me.. if we all get nuked tomorrow Artie is NOT ONE who will regret his life choices..




  2. Artie claimed he wouldn’t want to do heroin today or even next week, but he could see himself possibly doing heroin later on in his “messed up life.”

    Is that not worthy of a site update????
    Do I need to start a rival site to keep
    us Watchers updated??

    Hey Administrator,wake up!!

  3. You New Yorkers are all fegs. If any of yous actually knew Artie you wouldn’t be worried about his health yous all be a bunch of ‘yes’ men like Sal is to Howard. On top of that, nothing, let me repeat, NOTHING you say here will change Artie. It is what it is. Artie will change when he wants to change. The best thing that could happen to Artie is for him to have a son or daughter. Artie has a bigger heart than all of yous and everyone associated with the Stern show put together. This would give his big fat heart something positive to focus on. You may not know it (cause the most of you are stupid fucking NYers) but Artie doesn’t have the “Best damn job in the whole fucking world handed to him on a silver platter’ as some of you idiots babble on and on about. Artie has more pressure put on him day to day than any of you retards will ever have to deal with in your whole life ! It is a day to day struggle to relieve this pressure for Artie. The way I see it, Artie’s life is Artie’s life. Not Howard’s, not Dana’s and not any of you monkeys. So go wash your necks.

  4. Here’s the thing about being hooked on Opitates.. I’ve been there and found my way off years of addiction.

    There’s only ONE way out and that’s physical exercise where you keep your bloodrate high for 45 mins straight. It’s the only NATURAL way to create the opiates your body is craving.. Opiate addicts have WAY more receptors on hand so the buzz from an hour swim or a 30 min run is absolutely blissful. There’s medical journals that show that your bodys endorphins can be equivalent to heroin.

    After that, you have to commit to being somewhat MISERABLE for a good period of time with excercise being your only reliable way back to temporarily feeling good. You have to commit to not liking too many people, to really stand alone.

    60 days out, you’ll look back at yourself as once emotional weakling unable to cope with life. and hopefully never way to go back.

    You get way better. .

    Artie needs to cut out to mexico, DRY OUT, and get his excercise Buzz on, and get Howards dick out of his ASSHOLE.

    He’s got the scratch..

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