Is Artie falling apart?

Everyone probably knows about the fight between Artie and Howard on Thursday’s show so I won’t recap that, however I’ve noticed that Artie’s been going downhill very quickly lately in terms of his enthusiasm for the show. Is it just because he’s bored of the work and wants to make it in show business or could it be something more substance related? He’s been taking the subutex lately. Maybe it’s making him moody and oversensitive. As of right now, we know he’s on Subutex, which is a narcotic, so this post goes under Narcotics.

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  1. Well, we know it’s Howard’s show. Why else would Robin Quivers still have a job….Anyway, I can understand why Artie doesn’t get along with Howard, since Howard is without a doubt superficial, and has been unrelenting in bothering Artie about his weight. I think it’s a funny diversion occasionally, but Howard has been using it as a crutch. Dude, we know it already – Artie is fat. Howard is superbly talented in that he knows how to make his show superb…but his success goes to his head in that he thinks that he’s some comedic driving force. This is evident in his talking over people, trying to be funny when he should STFU, etc.
    Everyone knows he’s a megalomaniac, and everyone says it’s now not just on the air, he’s a shallow, arrogant arsehole in real life now too. I can see why Artie would not relate, and the more I think of it, the more I realize how tough it must have been for him to work with Howard.
    Artie without Howard, though, is just a guy with a really raunchy standup. Hey, it’s his life, if he wants to take 6 months off or more, fine. He’s got EFF YOU money now. All we hear every day is advice, probing, prodding – everyone knows what Artie needs to do, everyone likes to enjoy watching him be his gross, self-destructive self.
    I think that little argument they had should be a wakeup call to Howard in that you can’t just call someone your “bro” – if anyone can smell bullshit, it’s Artie. I guess I’m speaking selfishly when I say I hope Artie decides to stay. Not reluctantly, no one wants to see him dial it in just to get paid – but maybe just a couple of months off? There are many, many cohosts that could stand in for him, but I would sincerely miss Artie, he really made the show for me. I want to tell Artie to sometimes go wash his pussy and count his blessings, that the show is a perfect springboard for his career – that plugs on that show can sell anything – but another part of me agrees with him, that I want Howard to STFU about his weight and realize finally he’s sensitive about it.
    Artie should have dealt with this shit off the air, though, as he and Howard’s comraderie, even if it’s not real, really helped the show. Artie’s a bit sensitive about his weight, although I got sick of Howard’s constantly using it as a comedic crutch. People work with Robin because Howard protects her, why can’t Artie just go along with Howard for a little longer? The show will be over soon, as Howard will retire in less than 3 years. Ugh, why can’t we all just get along…

  2. Hey now,
    I really was resiting to comment on Artie & many of his issues (& issues he certainly has) but after the last H.S. show of May 24 07 i just had to weigh in on this whole thing. Artie once said that back in the day some of friends used to refer to him as “F.L.” or Fat Loser. Well he certainly has been behaving like a Fat loser lately. It should be an honor for him to be on of the Co. Hosts on the Stern show. Do you know how many peeps would almost kill to have an awesome job like that??? Howard has been nothing but nice to Artie when he first appeared as guest & after he joined the show & now after all the great things that Howard has done for him he comes out and says that How isn’t his friend or even his Bro & only a work partner? WHAT A FAT PATHETIC LOSER. “There making fun of me & only using me for the show cause I’m fat! Whhhhaaah!!!” Howard tried to make a date with him with a pretty sweet awesome chick who seemed bright and down to earth and likes bears (fat heavy dudes) and all Artie could do was insult & humiliate this poor girl who was just being honest by admitting that she liked him? But in the mean while on other shows he offered to pay some other girls or “broads’ as he always calls them up to 40K just to get them in the sack for one night? What complete and total ass hole. He should be ashamed of him self for all his BS. Don’t get me wrong… i like Artie & i think that hes been a great addition to show (10 million times better that moron Jackie who would hardly say anything useful or witty on the show and just sit around and laugh at his own stupid un-funny jokes with that hideously irritating laugh of his) but he is quickly losing me & others as a fan if he keeps up with his assaholeic behavior. We want the old Artie back. He needs to either get him self into some sort of therapy or probably just go back on “drugs” cause it seemed like he was a much happier funnier person before instead of this whiny, irritable crybaby that hes become. I mean come on Art… Its the Howard Stern Show. Get with it & stop being so up tight & defensive about everything. The King of all Media meant/means you no wrong or harm & was only trying to help you… but you can only help you self with a little help from your friends. We want the old sweet funny lovable Artie back… Period.

  3. >>>>jason36 said:
    March 7th, 2007 at 9:25 am

    This is my belief:
    Artie’s simply just staggering his suboxone/subutex so he can get high on the weekends. Then, before being able to come back to work, he has to deal with a very short bout of opiate withdrawl. Remember his mention that he had subutex on him when “methadone John” was on the show? He said he was off it, but carried it around “just in case”. BULLSHIT!! I gotta call b/s on that…nobody off opiates carries around an opiate…no fucking way!! To sum it up, it would seem he’s on a maintenence dose of this drug. He uses this during the week, then skips taking it on Thursday, gets high on the weekend, deals with a very short bout of withdrawl on Sunday night/Monday morning, then is ok to work Tuesday. To understand this shit, you really have to know a lot about opiates, maintenence therapy….unfortunately I do through experience. If anyone needs specifics, just ask…

  4. >>>Excellent points jason 36. I never really gave it that much thought before. Good deducting dude! Subutex was made to slowly wean the addict of smack so why would Artie be taking Subutex so much unless hes using again??? He also said on last Thursdays show (5/24/07) how he was gonna get some H for the weekend & party till he pukes & i don’t think that he was joking around or being sarky. He also said last Thursday that he was thinking of checking back into rehab again. Now why would want to go back into rehab again unless he was back on the big H??? He swears up & Down left & right that hes clean but thats a crock a BUll SHit! Hes not gonna’ be honest & admit that hes using again knowing that his mom & other family members are listening to the show & that he’d never hear the end of it from them as well as other Stern show listeners…

  5. I don’t know if it’s Artie’s sulking or Howard’s lack of comedic talent, but this whole weight thing has Artie all pissed off. CE3K, you’re right, he offers these sluts $40K + to sleep with him, but when they bring something in that might actually like him, he loses it. I don’t care if Howard IS a shallow, two-faced bastard – he was sincere in his on-air apology, and went way beyond where he would normally go on the defensive side for Artie’s temper tantrum.
    It could be drug use, drug withdrawal, being fat, being stressed, being the constant center of attention, being medically at death’s door, being tempted by gambling/booze/drugs, not getting any sleep, being disgusted with Howard’s lack of off-air sincerity, who knows? I’m sure he’s got lots of reasons to be an asshole, to be stressed, to be on the edge….but I thought he’d go off on Robin or Sal or some other replaceable person on the show….not Howard. Artie does what he wants, and he never needs to work again – but what disappoints me is that he really broke a bond of comradery…even if it was only on-air…that I liked to think was there between him and Howard.
    Watch for the next time. I think Howard was taken aback, surprised that such vile complaining/sulking could come from such a source as Artie, who always seemed up on it before, making comedic gold over it. Next time though, watch for Howard to tell Artie to get the fuck out. Artie will not last in the business if he keeps testing Howard’s patience. All this for a few fat jokes? I agree with Artie with one thing, that “grandma caprio” immitation by Howard was at best unfunny. It went on forever, it was stupid and unfunny….but if you pay me several million a year to sit there for 4 hrs a day 4 days a week and shoot the shit and be funny, I would not be so mean to the boss. Artie, of all people, should not misunderstand Howard’s easy-going nature over this for weakness. Howard’s reach goes well beyond his own show.
    Artie, as much as I love his work, can be replaced. Beer League was only funny in spots, and his standup is way too filthy to even be funny. I wonder who will replace Artie….

  6. The problem is NOT all the fat jokes and BS going on and I can’t believe no one has hit on the fact that while Howard makes 600 million he does NOT look out or pay for anyone else or take care of anyone excspt robin. The problem with Artie is he is getting paid almost NOTHING. The show lost Jackie, Billy West, Stuttering John and a lot of other talented people because they would NOT pay them. If Artie was getting paid he wouldn’t have to be doing Chuckles Comedy Caberat every weekend. Do you see Howard doing CLub Benet lately ?? Artie is done. It not worth the BULL !!!


  7. Hey, Dana, that’s a good point. Makes more sense now, actually. I kind of took it for granted that “keeping up my lifestyle” was not meant as sarcastic. Howard thinks he’s not cheap because he’s a good tipper. Why he keeps that no-talent Quivers on a pedestal and pays true talent like Artie nothing is bang-on.

  8. Wildfire: I’m one of those people who actually liked Jackie. He was there when I started listening, and loved the show. I found he was a more active participant than Artie, but I find Artie’s more likeable, funnier, wittier, and his life is way more interesting than Jackie’s. Plus, everyone on the show likes Artie.
    Dana’s point is making me reconsider Jackie’s purported “attitude” in being a harsh negotiator on his career, and Robin, that spoiled bitch, ridiculed his every move.
    Bottom line, though, Artie is the IDEAL person for the sidekick role. If I were Howard, I would immediately excuse Robin with a payout for the remainder, give Artie her salary or more, then maybe hire Sara Silverman to add female flavor to the show.
    Artie knows he’s not going to live past 50, and despite his gambling and other habits, the man isn’t as rich as his talent reflects. Howard is way richer than he deserves, but the show is his creation….I just think it’s going to be tougher for Howard to get good talent if they keep leaving and he keeps overpaying that braying chickenhawk Robin. Why the hell can she not stop to take breaths between huge paragraphs?
    Howard has only 3 or 4 years left on radio. Time for him to realize he’s going to have to pay to keep his talent on the payroll. Artie has to get off his fat ass and onto a treadmill – we all know and I’m sure he does too, that his health is his own responsibility, and his lack of discipline is his own problem – but IMO, his lifestyle isn’t too extravagant that he should have to kill himself over.

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