I know I haven’t been updating the site, but Artie WAS doing fairly well… don’t you all agree? But mysterious men telling Artie that his face is red and he should sit down? Kinda crazy. Artie took FOREVER to get back from his “food break.” Although I don’t know for sure, maybe he was hiding somewhere to “take care of business.” That’s why no one could find him. If he was really sitting down with a man in a suit, someone should have found him when they were out looking.

I missed part of the show and I’m REALLY PISSED! Sounded like some great stuff. Lisa sent me an e-mail to update me. Here’s what she had to say:

He got the third degree, and was obviously slurring and seemed drunk, Jon Hein came in and tested Artie’s blood to see if he was diabetic, but his cell count checked out okay.

Howard disclosed that Jon suspects Artie is on drugs, and that they have talked privately about it.

I love Artie, but when I listened to the whole thing again on replay, he did sound high as a kite.

MAN! crazy stuff. Clean? I’d love to say yes, but I’m going with the big “H” for today.

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  1. From
    Artie mentioned he heard Jason on “The Wrap Up Show” on Thursday, and called him names – like “hairy” and “fat” – because of some of his remarks about him. Howard then played a tape from the show of Gary discussing where Artie had disappeared to on Thursday when he missed The Gossip Game, with Jason and Sal adding they feared Artie was back on drugs. When the tape was done, Artie reported his mother called him crying over the weekend because she’d heard the conversation on “The Wrap Up Show” and thought Artie was using again. However, Artie insisted he still wasn’t on drugs, and that he didn’t want rumors like that spreading given some of the business deals he had lined up.

    After a caller noted how “disturbing” Artie has been looking lately because of his size, Artie admitted he was “obese” for the first time in his life, but that he didn’t think anyone could convince him to change his eating habits. This led Howard to remember how his parents had an intervention with him when he was in his mid-20s about his weight gain at the time, and that their discussion was what got him to lose weight.

  2. artie seems fairly normal.

    however he did pay richard $5000 to lick sals nuts so that shows hes loosing his grip on his “jersey style” ie: becomming more accepting of gayness ie: WHACKED ON DRUGS!!!

  3. At over 300 lbs, I think drugs will be the last thing to kill poor Artie. I honestly think a year or so of some narcs, like an Oxycontin fix, would do him some good. If he could drop to under 200lbs and then do a little rehab, I think he’d be fine.

  4. Seriously, the liver repairs itself over time. Maybe a year of doing some painkillers so he can bring that weight down about 100 lbs or more, and then back to drinking only. Why die of obesity when you can get a little high and bring your weight down? What’s more dangerous – being 300 lbs and sober, or high and 200 lbs? The man is barely 5’9″….300 lbs has GOT to be more dangerous than some mid-range narcotics use for a limited time. If he could get on a treadmill for a brisk walk for about 1/2 hr a day, even a light jog for about 10 minutes once he’s lost some weight….I think it’s time the man prioritizes his vices. Oxycontin is so much more enjoyable than cupcakes. I wonder if any of his new endeavors require that he submit piss-tests….

  5. To webmaster: You should update this site more often, even if it’s not totally about Artie’s drug suspicions – your page got a mention on the Stern show, and that is more than most sites about the show get. If you make more of an effort (or any at all, for that matter), you might end up making some cash. Just a suggestion.

  6. When you’re 300 lbs and 5’9″, “nodding off” could mean almost anything. I wonder if Artie died at his chair, how long it would take them to actually notice…after they goofed on him for fallinga sleep…man, that guy just can’t not try to kill himself.

  7. Right on Bro!!!

    Hey, lets get rolling here people. Artie said he couldnt wait to get home today and do Heroin !!! I guess he was “just joking around”.

    If coke is the nightrain, whats Herion?

  8. Artie’s leaving the show for 6 months in January to ‘recoup’. Meaning he needs sleep, to relax, etc.
    Talk about selfish. He’s killing himself with booze and food, and now he’s taking time off from the show as if it’s to blame for his needing a rest?
    I wouldn’t hire him. He may have other irons in the fire, but honestly, his genius only exists on the Stern show. That’s where he shows the most talent, and he simply is not a big enough draw without it to keep going at this pace.
    He’s fooling himself if he thinks his career’s momentum is going to continue at the current rate without the Stern show.
    If he leaves the show for that long, don’t expect Stern to plug his ever show/appearance/movie. Imagine Beer League without the Stern show’s plugs? Fuggedaboudit.

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