21 thoughts on “Thursday’s show”

  1. Jackie? hes soooooooo not funny, i couldnt stand him or his plugs. Also his his show on sirius suks. i love artie drugs or no drugs!!! Just dont die fatboy.. CARINA

  2. I was never a jackie fan either. However, the jackie puppet was funny. Then again, the Gary puppet was even more entertaining than the jackie puppet.

    So yes, i hate jackie too.

  3. Howard noticed that Artie had missed the Gossip Game segment and was still not in the studio. Gary then came into the studio to say he had “no idea,” although he assumed he was out of the building getting food. Artie then walked in and explained that, on his way to buying French toast, he got “light headed” on the escalator and “sat down” at the advice of a person who saw him. Artie went on to say the man told him he looked like he was “falling asleep” on the escalator, and encouraged the man to call into the show to report his “symptoms,” but he didn’t want to.

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