Wednesday’s Show

I’m thoroughly confused now. Artie’s behavior yesterday was strange and he definately didn’t seem like he was answering questions truthfully. However, he DID swear on Grandma Caprio’s life that he wasn’t on drugs. Hmmm… He’s not letting us know something.

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  1. He’s a fat man with a hectic life. He doesn’t get enough rest, he severely overeats, and he medicates himself to drown out his problems.

    Now, on top of this, he will attempt to stop gambling. This will just stress him out even more, and the overeating and “medications” will continue.

    Sulu’s “Cuddly Muffin” is in trouble.

  2. This is my belief:
    Artie’s simply just staggering his suboxone/subutex so he can get high on the weekends. Then, before being able to come back to work, he has to deal with a very short bout of opiate withdrawl. Remember his mention that he had subutex on him when “methadone John” was on the show? He said he was off it, but carried it around “just in case”. BULLSHIT!! I gotta call b/s on that…nobody off opiates carries around an opiate…no fucking way!! To sum it up, it would seem he’s on a maintenence dose of this drug. He uses this during the week, then skips taking it on Thursday, gets high on the weekend, deals with a very short bout of withdrawl on Sunday night/Monday morning, then is ok to work Tuesday. To understand this shit, you really have to know a lot about opiates, maintenence therapy….unfortunately I do through experience. If anyone needs specifics, just ask…

  3. Howard can’t afford to lose a core part of his show for a month.
    If Artie dies, of course, Howard loses him for good.

    It’s a gamble and Howard chooses to get Artie hours ‘in the bank’.
    Artie’s health is not even a consideration.
    Business is business

    The required phrases will be uttered, for appearances sake, of course.

  4. Something is up for sure. During the news today Artie interupted with that Saprano’s story and Robin and Howard sounded a little fed up it was an awkward moment. Did anybody else catch that?

  5. Yes…it was odd

    The bigman seems to use quite a bit of distracting tales as of late. Usually, after he tells these off-topic stories, Howard nor anyone else comments on it.

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