Tuesday – Well, at least Artie’s back

I really hope Artie’s back today. If he’s not, I’m going to have to assume he’s back on Heroin; whether he leaves a voicemail for Gary or not.

MAYBE, there’s a chance that he was trying to detox a couple weeks ago when he was sick… after not being able to kick it for one reason or another, he started again in order to make himself get back to normal and show up to work. Now, he’s realized that it’s got to stop, possibly checked himself into rehab, and didn’t call Gary or the show because of the anxiety (which we’ve seen before).

Note: I’m writing this LATE monday night because I won’t be up to post at 6:00am Tuesday when we find out if Artie’s back or not. I may change my mind after hearing tomorrow’s show, but for now I’m going to have to categorize this behavior as signs of NARCOTICS use/withdrawal.

23 thoughts on “Tuesday – Well, at least Artie’s back”

  1. HE’S FUCKING DEAD?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?! Holy CRAP fucking SUICIDE on JOHN BELUSHI’S DEATH ANNIVERSARY. HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. He died at 3:48 AM, of, believe it or not, a COCAINE overdose. Evidently the battle of the blobs got to his ass…listen to the show, it’s on REPLAY.

  3. and no, I’m not a fucking tool, and little internet schmucks like you who never leave the internet think news about someone like Artie would be on what, CNN?

    You are a fucking idiot, and you will have yours come to you, you inconsiderate horrible person, it’s a sad day.

  4. Artie is IN today, the problem is this: He is HIGH AS A KITE !!! Not sure if the gang knows and is downplaying it or they will deal with it later, but Artie must have realized how important the show is so my guess is that he is getting high on breaks or when he goes to the bathroom. He sounds blitzed and is really speaking very fast. Believe me, he is ON the HORSE. Guaranteed !!
    Fred and Howard probably realize it. I don’t Artie will be on the show much longer.

  5. haha, this is the funniest, notice the choice in words internet people use, I mean out of all the things you say an anonymous person is fat and living with their mother?

    It’s really sad when people literally use all they have in their lonely world, themselves, as INSULTS for other people, as they cyberstalk them on the iinternet.

    It’s hilarious, you need a life. Artie died.

    And uh oh, I’m on a plane back to jersey, lolololol

  6. siriusshit is indeed full of shit.

    Artie is not dead. The show is not on replay right now. It is a live show, both George and Artie are in the studio.


  7. I just got back from jersey…Bellmawr/Camden and it SUCKED. Nice vacation spot you picked. I choose to end this dialogue now because judging from SFN, SHN and the stern show site, Artie DID NOT DIE. Who’s lonely? I’d say the guy who posts a reply every 2 minutes about a lie he made up in his boredom. I have a life, I brew beer for a living mutherfucker…nuff said…

  8. hehehehe when are these people going to realize that they are arguing with themselves…I love so much getting a kick over the struggles of the lowest loser common social denominiator to interact with the rest of the world.

    Good thing I just graduated from Princeton and live in Hoboken, and am on a private jet through our company back home from the Bahamas. What a pathetic person you are. Did you just admit you brew beer…for a living?!? There you have it folks, the admission of a fat loner with his mother.

    And Artie is dead, jukeboxzero is my other account you moron to watch you squirm — I was # 110 on our lacrosse team, and when we were in the city some stoner tried to type in numbers on my jersey because he thought the 11 looked like the jukebox logo that was in the bar. You see, I was out with PEOPLE in a BAR, something that loners like you can only strive to barely enter than scenario.

    I’m sorry, our plane is about to touch down white boy. Got to now go back to “life” while you actually got so emotional and constantly check a website dedicated to stalking someone who doesn’t care about you. Wow, you are a new low of pathetic. It’s so funny how internet losers accuse others of being exactly what they are, insecure fat loners who constantly check the message boards, lolol this moron might have had a 1 in a 10000 chance if he actually went back to his “life”. lolol, but now watch him come up with some looooong defense…lol if he replies he is a fag.


    Hakim “The Dream” Thompson.

  9. ‘denominiator’??? PRINCETON TEECH GOOD!!! ‘something that loners like you can only strive to barely enter than scenario.’ WHAT THAT MEEN??? Brewing beer is a great living…it gives all you cool people something to do while you’re out at the bar. I know alot of people who go to bars. Coincidentally, they’re all losers. Save your money to pay for your school loans for Princeton. Then go back to elementary school and learn how to write. It’s free.


    Rik ‘the brewmaster’ Marley

  10. yelram4life dont give that loser seriusshit the attention he so badly craves, personal jet, princetown what a tosser………….
    regarding artie i guarantee he is using i can hear it in his voice, i myself used for years and got away with it , lots of my friends suspected it but didnt know for sure.
    freds the only one on the show thats got the balls to confront him on it which is a hard thing to do..
    i actually put on weight when i was using because all you do is crave sweets all day, its a myth that junkies are skinny, broke junkies are skinny because they spend all there money on it , arties can afford to do junk and eat….
    i dont believe he ever cleaned up he just stopped doing heroin and took suboxone every day which is basically the same thing as methadone which is harder to kick then heroin, now hes back on the junk again i just know it.
    people do not nod from over eating

  11. I was not giving a shit about spelling given I was DRINKING on a PLANE lolol

    Seriously people, you are all losers, get lives.

    Notice the blatant “If he responds he’s a fag” which worked twice over to prove this guy’s cocksucking brainlessness.

    Also, stop using key terms from the show, you are just as awful as Oprah and all these other lemming fuckwits.

    Fucking christ you are all FUCKING LOSERS LOLOL AHHHHHHHHHH IT’S FUCKING PATHETIC> GET LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Uuuuuummmmm……….whatever. Artie is on something. I think he is actually asking for help. (in his own addictive way) I just hope the big guy makes it through…………………………………………………………………………..Oh my!

  13. You’re a moron, Hakim “The Dream” Thompson. If that’s you’re real name, you never never scored any goals or had any assists nor points with your shitty Princeton team you fucking gay ass lacrosse player and you weren’t #110, you were # 12. You’re a liar. So from this I can surmise you were riding coach on a jet blue or some other cheap-ass commuter from one shit hole town to another for your shit-ass, go-nowhere job. It’s amazing how much knowledge a computer guy can glean from a simple 3 minute google search, Right, Bitch? You’re a liar…SO WHAT, right? Fuckin’ fuck…It’s not anonymous, you’ve got my name…now you’ve got my address Princeton boy. 135 Main St. North Woodstock, NH. Bring the noise mutherfucker…

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