Monday – Where’s Artie!?!?

I haven’t posted in a while because Artie’s actually been at work and awake. BUT WHERE IS HE TODAY!? I missed the beginning of the show so I don’t have all the details. I need some more information before I can make assumptions as to what’s going on.

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  1. Yep, he called in sick again. I’ll bet that the weight is finally taking its toll. He’s got to realize that he is not 20 anymore, and that the body is fighting back. I’ll bet that his blood sugar is sky high. Onset of Diabetes Type II….all the symptoms are there. Get a check up Artie! We want you around for a long time…

  2. Howard will do whatever will get him the most work out of Artie.
    Rehab = No Artie

    Nobody with a 4 day work week plus 10 weeks of vacation a year
    needs to take off sick days too, unless they’re on heroin.

    Nothing more pathetic that people who have so much,
    wallowing in self pity, like Artie.

  3. well , Artie said back in the day that this ( meaning his job on the stern show ) would end badly b/c he always does the self destructive thing. Common Artie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. “Nobody with a 4 day work week plus 10 weeks of vacation a year
    needs to take off sick days too, unless they’re on heroin.”

    Excellent point

    The guy only has to go in 4 days a week. If you can’t pull it together then get the fuck out.

    He’s a big, lazy baby.

  5. Tell me, who has a job that lets you miss so much friggin work when they KNOW you’re sick because you’re doing so much OUTSIDE work?

    Artie…I love you, but you are fast becoming the biggest prick on the planet.
    You don’t give a shit about yourself and obviously you don’t give a shit about your fans.

    Stop drowning in self-pity you pathetic fuck off…you want to see REAL problems…look at some of the GI’s coming back without arms and legs and then tell me about your “pain”. Grow the fuck up.

  6. I just noticed that TODAY is the 25th Anniversary of the death of Artie’s hero, the fat, drug crazed and very DEAD John Belushi.

    Maybe Artie is mourning by shooting up. Perhaps he O.D’ed and is now sharing a needle with John B in junkie hell.

  7. Wouldn’t surprise me if Artie joined John Belushi today. Artie’s got so much at his fingertips……except enough freakin’ inner strength to take advantage of what he has. Instead…drugs, alcohol, more drugs, more alcohol. Oh, and I suspect at some point he finds a bit of time to have a bite to eat…..

  8. He’s been on again off again for months now. Hopefully this will finally get people out of their denial.

    Arties using again. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

    Either confront him about this or get rid of him!

  9. I don’t know why Howard just don’t call him out on the air about it. Do a fuckin’ intervention right then and there. You’re telling me that a Mike Walker segment or a Ronnie update is more important than a man’s fucking life? If Howard REALLY cared about Artie, he’d do this.

    And why NOT call the guy at home? What damage would that do, since everything’s game? God forbid the listeners hear Artie in a moment of weakness admitting to using something.

    Hey Howard, WAKE THE FUCK UP!

  10. artie called out sick…he personally called gary on gary’s way to work and gary said it was the same fake coughing thing again…fred and robin think he is back on drugs..fred more so than robin who just has her doubts..howard is oblivious and thinks he’s ‘just not able to fight this off because of his weight’ and does not belive he is back on heroin…fred said ‘oh come on…let’s just face it’

  11. ARTIE – GET IT TOGETHER MAN!!!! You have a dream job and you are pissing it away. There is no doubt in my mind that he is back on the junk, I mean come on… if it walks like a big fat junky, nods like a big fat junky, and acts like a big fat junky, it IS a big fat junky!

    And Howard’s approach to this whole thing is a bit disappointing. Of course he will go on and on about it isn’t his duty (ha…ha…I said dootie) to watch over Artie, but Howard’s whole career is built on bring real life to the airwaves. Is this not the most “REAL LIFE” you can get. Perhaps he is taking things off the air, which in all honesty is more noble then going over it on the air, but I doubt it.

    ARTIE – Its not fun, its not funny. Clean up. Get well.

  12. wake up sirius, you are a publicly traded company, drug test this pathetic self promoting loser, he once ragged on dice for wanting to team up to promote his shows, listen to lange, he promotes his shit all fuckin day, and enough mad tv mentions, about a show that sucked then and sucks now, the only funny fat fuck on that show was will sasso as stephen seagal or as kenny rogers,every company drug tests for liability reasons call this fucker out NOW!!!I really don’t see what is so funny about artie, after listening to billy west all week on master tape, he is a real talent, bye bye fat fuck artie

  13. Maybe it’s time to step back a little bit and appreciate how good of a friend Howard is to Artie. He isn’t stupid, but he hopes for the best. You can hear it in his voice. Robin and Fred care, like any friends would. The people around him care, and it is showing in the broadcast. I think it’s time to just be there for the person that entertains us every morning. We all go through shit in life. And all this pressure is killing him. Support Arty and be a friend. He seems like a good enough guy to get through this.

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