The end of a “tiring” week

This week has been interesting. It seems Artie’s been swinging back and forth between energetic/talkative and passing out tired. Before this week he was less enthusiastic and then “sick.” I’m thinking that he’s on prescription medicine that helps him deal with his Opiate addiction and get back to normal life (hence the enthusiasm) but in turn makes him sleepy. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with admitting to the truth. Artie’s admitted much worse before. I think he really needs to come clean and explain why he was “out sick”, then why he was totally re-energized, and now why he’s falling asleep everyday.

Everyone knows that something’s up so I say GET IT OUT THERE and let the people know!

12 thoughts on “The end of a “tiring” week”

  1. I agree. Dealing with these things in private and in silence rarely ever work out. He’s gotta get it out there and people will be more than willing to help him through it.

  2. Now that the shock of the engagement is over, Howard really should turn his attention towards the Art man. I still have yet to hear the “Why Are You so Tired, Artie? Segment. WHY?

    Come on Howard, the confront the sumbitch!

  3. Can anyone confirm for me if there is an actual bed in the studio yet? I’ve heard Howard refer to it at times, but have not seen it ON Demand yet. Anyone know?

  4. Nodding off in the middle of a conversation is a definite sign of Heroin use. Let’s face it, even Howard knows. He said “Artie this is BAD” when Artie fell asleep…We all know what’s going on, the man can’t even keep his eyes open. Seems to have picked up again after Vegas or shortly before…

  5. Did anyone else catch Howard’s slip up today? When he said to Joan Rivers “Look I mean take Artie do I fire the guy because he’s on heroin?” Notice the present tense….

  6. Just a thought,,,,Why hasn’t Arties problem with drugs been discussed,,,,or maybe I missed it.
    Has Artie admitted he is still on Suboxone,,,,and or other prescribed drugs.
    Since he has not and it has not been discussed then there may be a real problem here and Artie is back on the heroin.
    Everything is always discussed on the show but nothing about Arties drug use,,,,how come?

  7. The other day Howard mentioned talking to Artie on the phone (would have been Wed. night maybe?) and Dana came up in the conversation. Did Artie go back on heroin to deal with his and Dana’s breakup? Or did Artie start using again while still with Dana and that caused their breakup? Even now you can tell he’s not over her. Yesterday he was argueing that if she truely loved him she would have stayed with him while he dealt with his problems. That makes it sound like he was on H just prior to their breakup and not all the way back 2005 like he claims was the last time he did it. Damn this is confusing.

    Because I love Artie so much I want to believe he’s on Subutex/Suboxone and anti-depressants and will stick with that opinion until proven wrong.

  8. tiredfromsugar_IthinkNOT:

    yep, i heard that too. howard also did this a couple weeks before during the segment with Beetlejuice………..he said something along the lines of “look Beetle, everyone has problems, even Artie, he’s on Heroin”.

    Howards also made some comments that I’ve taken to be real sarcastic and hinting that he knows Artie is not on the up and up.

    did anyone else hear when Ralph called in on Thursday, Artie had absolutely know memory of Ralph calling in on Wednesday because he was nodding out so bad.

  9. I think its pretty obvious he’s using again.I also think the reason he won’t admit it is he doesnt want to screw up his development deal with Fox.Because we all know if he admits it Fox will bail on him.It’s the old addage fool me once shame on you,fool me twice shame on me.Fox got burned by Artie once(Madt.v)i’m sure they are tracking these shoes pretty carefully.

  10. Hey, don’t get discouraged, Artie is clearly doing something. I believe he is using pills like percoset or Oxy, which is making him happier, but sleepier to. Even if he’s off the drugs, he is about 300 pounds and eating horrible. He probably doesn’t have gout like High Pitch, but I’m sure he has diabetes, which would also make him super sleepy. I love this site, and will link to it from my site of is similar to this in that we love Artie and just want him to stay around for a while. Maybe if someone had made an annanicoleisondrugs or an annisdead site she’d be alive today. See? We’re just here to help! Again, check us at and remember if you link to us, we’ll link to you!

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