Holy shit I’m back again muther fuckers!!! Ever see Burn After Reading?… I’m back; you fuckers; I’m back.

What the hell is up with ARTIE!!! I thought this site was giving him a bad rep but now this shit is ridiculous. He’s STILL out after the weekend?!?! Whatever it is, it’s worse than any other time… are we in agreement on that? If this was the first time, I’d say it’s some kinda of sickness or depression, but this is just waaaaaaaay too typical of the usual.

I hope they don’t read this on the show because I only wish Artie the best but JESUS EFF’in Christ… what the hell is going on??????????????

Artie sleeping

The air horn when Artie was sleeping was amazing. I haven’t seen the video yet tho. Besides Howard TV, anyone know where I can see it???

Speaking of the air horn… Artie was sleeping again! If we take a step back and look at all the time Artie’s been on the show, he’s never fallen asleep until recently. Even though he seems somewhat normal when he speaks, he’s still passing out. He’s probably taking that subutex all the time to get through the show but does the hard shit when he doesn’t have to do the show. However, sometimes I think he might be drug-free. I actually have NO clue anymore! I just can’t tell. It’s as if he’s been hiding it much better.

Is Artie falling apart?

Everyone probably knows about the fight between Artie and Howard on Thursday’s show so I won’t recap that, however I’ve noticed that Artie’s been going downhill very quickly lately in terms of his enthusiasm for the show. Is it just because he’s bored of the work and wants to make it in show business or could it be something more substance related? He’s been taking the subutex lately. Maybe it’s making him moody and oversensitive. As of right now, we know he’s on Subutex, which is a narcotic, so this post goes under Narcotics.


I know I haven’t been updating the site, but Artie WAS doing fairly well… don’t you all agree? But mysterious men telling Artie that his face is red and he should sit down? Kinda crazy. Artie took FOREVER to get back from his “food break.” Although I don’t know for sure, maybe he was hiding somewhere to “take care of business.” That’s why no one could find him. If he was really sitting down with a man in a suit, someone should have found him when they were out looking.

I missed part of the show and I’m REALLY PISSED! Sounded like some great stuff. Lisa sent me an e-mail to update me. Here’s what she had to say:

He got the third degree, and was obviously slurring and seemed drunk, Jon Hein came in and tested Artie’s blood to see if he was diabetic, but his cell count checked out okay.

Howard disclosed that Jon suspects Artie is on drugs, and that they have talked privately about it.

I love Artie, but when I listened to the whole thing again on replay, he did sound high as a kite.

MAN! crazy stuff. Clean? I’d love to say yes, but I’m going with the big “H” for today.

Tuesday – Well, at least Artie’s back

I really hope Artie’s back today. If he’s not, I’m going to have to assume he’s back on Heroin; whether he leaves a voicemail for Gary or not.

MAYBE, there’s a chance that he was trying to detox a couple weeks ago when he was sick… after not being able to kick it for one reason or another, he started again in order to make himself get back to normal and show up to work. Now, he’s realized that it’s got to stop, possibly checked himself into rehab, and didn’t call Gary or the show because of the anxiety (which we’ve seen before).

Note: I’m writing this LATE monday night because I won’t be up to post at 6:00am Tuesday when we find out if Artie’s back or not. I may change my mind after hearing tomorrow’s show, but for now I’m going to have to categorize this behavior as signs of NARCOTICS use/withdrawal.

No show today?!

It’s Tuesday and there’s no show today. Did everyone know about this? Not me. I was looking forward to today’s show because I had to drive from Jersey down to DC starting at 6 this morning.

On another note, not sure who’s heard this yet…

XM and Sirius, the two satellite radio companies that have spent millions of dollars trying to woo pay-for-service customers, yesterday announced plans to merge in hopes of stemming losses and offering an even larger smorgasbord of music, talk and sports.

From the Washington Post

The end of a “tiring” week

This week has been interesting. It seems Artie’s been swinging back and forth between energetic/talkative and passing out tired. Before this week he was less enthusiastic and then “sick.” I’m thinking that he’s on prescription medicine that helps him deal with his Opiate addiction and get back to normal life (hence the enthusiasm) but in turn makes him sleepy. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with admitting to the truth. Artie’s admitted much worse before. I think he really needs to come clean and explain why he was “out sick”, then why he was totally re-energized, and now why he’s falling asleep everyday.

Everyone knows that something’s up so I say GET IT OUT THERE and let the people know!